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10 Ways to Pick The Perfect Wedding Ring

Picking the perfect wedding rings can be a challenging task since you will be flaunting it for the rest of your life, and you just want it to be perfect. With the right amount of information, backed with the excitement of getting married to the person of your dreams, this can be a highly pleasing process. Here, we’ll provide you tips for choosing wedding rings that will match not only your style and personality but also your budget!

1.      Start with the shape

The shape of the stone refers to the geometrical shape, which is usually confused with the cut that also known as the angles in the stone. Prior to considering anything else, like the clarity, color, or even carat, you have to know what shape your fiancée will love!

2.      Choose the setting

The setting is the metallic framework where the stone will be mounted. Do you go with a four prong setting for an oval cut shape or a bezel setting for the classic round stone? You need to decide which setting is well-suited for the shape you select; getting this combination in the right manner will make all the difference.

3.      Know her style

While a number of couples will go ring shop together, others like to surprise their partner with the perfect diamond wedding rings. You can ask for help from family members and friends, but you will have to take notes on the jewelry your partner wears yourself. Pay close attention to the color and shape of metal she loves to wear, as well as the style, such as classic pieces or vintage pieces.

4.      Consider the metal

There are a number of options you need to know about how to choose wedding rings band. Platinum is a well-known choice because it is extremely durable and hypoallergenic, making it an ideal choice for those with complex skin. Gold is also a good option that can come in yellow rose, white, and green gold. Another less known alternative is palladium. This is a mixture of platinum and gold.

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5.      Pick the stones

Chances are the wedding ring will be custom built for you, and this means you will be picking the stones separately as opposed to purchasing the ready-made ring you see on display. The stones of the rings are what makes up most of the cost for the rings, and you need to find the most magnificent one that fits in your budget. The jeweler can generally help you in what to look for to get the right stone.

6.      Stay in your budget

Usually, the wedding rings would cost two months’ worth of your salary at least; however, it is more suitable for you to stay within your own specific spending plan. To facilitate you avail the most out of your budget, think about buying just below your preferred carat, even a 0.3 difference can save you 20% off the total cost. In case you want the stone to appear larger, a better trick is to pick one with a larger surface area.

7.      Take lifestyles into consideration

In case you always have to remove the ring or it makes you itchy, then you only increase the odds of losing it, which would be a huge waste of money. How to choose wedding rings that are ideal for you require to keep your lifestyles in mind. It merely will become a part of your everyday life, and this might mean going with one that has less of the frills and thrills.

8.      Think about the future

Is this wedding ring the one you can imagine yourself wearing 10 years from now? Is this wedding ring the one you will want to be seen wearing to all the family events, PTA meetings, social functions, and job parties? You can be stylish when you make your decision, but make sure it will be one you will love years from now.

9.      Final fittings

Your wedding ring will be on through different phases of your life; this includes summer humidity, exercising, swimming, winters, and pregnancy; each of these cases your fingers can contract or swell. You want to ensure the size you get is one that will be capable of adjusting through all these moments.

10. Quality

When your wedding ring is just about done, you have to make sure you inspect it thoroughly. The band should contain the quality mark as well as the manufacturer’s trademark. These quality marks are evidence that the wedding band is of the standard you are expecting.

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