13 Diamond-Alternative Gemstones for Engagement Rings

13 Diamond-Alternative Gemstones for Engagement Rings

Diamonds are arguably the most precious gems which one can find on the planet. But the truth is that they simply do not go well with everyone’s persona. Yes, some people might actually like them. But their pocket is not deep enough to buy one. So, if you are one of those brides-to-be who are not much into diamond wedding rings either because of taste, limited budget or any other factor then what options do you really have? The answer is plenty! The goal of this post is to shed light upon diverse gemstone rings which can be considered as decent substitutes for diamonds.

  1. Alexandrite


If you want a jewel on your finger that can give you mature vibes while being chic at the same time, this astounding purplish gemstone is for you. Alexandrite belongs to the chrysoberyl family and it is also available in other colors as well apart from magical purple, such as red and green. On Mohs scale it scores 8.5/10 which definitely makes it a robust option for your engagement ring. Gaining worldwide popularity, alexandrite is indigenous to the countries like Tanzania, Russia, Brazil and India. However, you must also explore some quality and affordable lab-grown ones.

  1. Emerald
    A gemstone that has the real power to enchant! This gorgeous stone which comes in a vivid green color equally looks stunning in both vintage and modern ring setting. Emerald is basically a type of beryl. The Mohs scale score of the top quality emeralds can reach up to 8, which apparently makes it extremely durable too.


    1. Amethyst


      Amethyst often goes unnoticed as an alternative for diamond wedding rings even with the assertive look it has with purple hue color. But with a reasonable score of 7/10 on the scale of Mohs, amethyst is a pretty sturdy gemstone which can last for years. This stone in its uncut, raw form is frequently linked with homeopathic curative. When precisely cut, this stone can be transformed into a perfect ornament to put on your finger.

    2. Moissanite


It is beyond any doubt one of the most exquisite gems for an engagement ring. Initially discovered in the latter part of the eighteenth century, people confused Moissanite with diamond primarily because of its sparkly appearance.  What is more? This gemstone does not merely look like a diamond, it is as robust too with 9.5/10 score when tested on Mohs scale. If Moissanite and diamond are put next to each other, a layman perhaps fails to tell them apart. Nowadays, these gemstones are widely grown in the labs.


  1. Ruby

Similar to sapphires and emeralds, ruby belongs to the league of top precious stones with their deluxe tone of blood-red. Rubies can last a lifetime with a high score of 9/10 on scale of Mohs. Probably that is why they are relatively more expensive.


  1. Garnet

Pretty, feminine and absolutely romantic, Garnets are the eye-turners which come in diverse colors; however, red hue is the one that can capture any gal’s heart without much trouble. When it comes to durability garnet scores 7.5. Definitely it is not as sturdy as diamonds, but this difference is also clearly compensated in their price.


  1. Pearl

Nobody can deny this fact that pearls are iconic and lovely. Regardless of the ring setting you opt to put them in, pearls never fails to mesmerize. The only downside which is linked to them is that pearls are not enormously durable with top quality pieces scoring only 4.5/10. It means that they will easily get tarnished and scratched. Selecting pearl for your engagement ring is recommended if you’re not going to wear it regularly.

  1. Sapphire

Typically sapphires come in a blue color, but one can also find them in other hues, such as white, peach, green, yellow and pink. They are precious stones and on the scale of Mohs they can score as much as 9 which make them a perfect contender of diamond.


  1. Lapis Lazuli

lapus lazuli

It commonly comes in a deep blue breathtaking color which can complement a gold ring setting. Lapis has not been utilized in a lot of engagement or wedding rings. However it is highly likely to become a part of the latest fashion trends as an alternative for diamond wedding rings soon. Lapis Lazuli is comparatively inexpensive and per carat it can cost anywhere from one to one hundred and fifty bucks definitely depending upon the quality of the stone. Top stones get the rating of 5.5 which means they will be prone to scratches.


  1. Opal


Charming opals which were previously recognized as outdated are finally making a strong comeback in the arena of fashion. They are numerous colors in which opals naturally come, including crystal, white and black. It is advised to steer clear of dull looking stones and try to get stones with appealing patterns. With 6.5/10 points on durability index of Mohs, opals are not definitely the sturdiest jewels but they still do decently well on gemstone rings.


  1. Topaz


Even though most commonly comes in blue hue, Topaz is available a wide assortment of other colors as well, including white, pink, wine red, orange and green. A unique characteristic of this gemstone is that it is symbolically associated with friendship which makes it a befitting option to utilize as a substitute for diamond engagement rings.  Topaz stones are also treated with heat in order to augment their vibrancy. So do try to find out if you can do this treatment on your stone.


  1. Sunstones

Sunstones are found is USA and Scandinavia. It isn’t commonly used in modern jewelry which makes sunstones an even more attractive option. By wearing this unique stone you can make a bold statement. With 6.5 hardiness score, it might demand some care.


  1. Spinel


An attention-grabbing stone, spinel comes in a wide assortment of colors like grey, black, green, pink and blue. They are commonly believed to be colored diamonds which is a misconception. Spinel does not merely look captivating; it is tough as well with eight points on Mohs scale. This combo of durability and exquisiteness makes it a perfect stone for an engagement ring.


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