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A Complete Guide Men’s Rings – All You Need to Know

Like most of the other jewelries, rings are generally associated with females. Gone are the days when men used to wear only one ring all through the adult life – their wedding ring. Things are changing these days at a pretty rapid pace. Modern standards of fashion have started to push males as well to put on a ring in order to state their style and character.

If you are one of those guys who is new to the domain of men rings, and striving to work out the questions like what are the functions of rings, how to pick the correct size and which materials are available then you are at the right spot. This blog is going to unriddle these aforementioned and many other relevant mysteries.

What Are Different Functions of Rings?

There are many males who might have a fair idea about different gemstone rings, and other materials they are made of. However, there are only a few who know the basic functions of rings. This section aims to explore this aspect of male rings.

  • Cultural Rings

Men rings have gained considerable significance in different cultures especially in the Western side of the world. You might have seen males wearing a diamond men ring which signifies which more often than not signifies that they are committed.


  • Affiliation Rings

Major families and groups have been making use of rings for centuries to indicate their membership. Class rings and fraternal rings are some of those common purposes for which men wear rings. Several veterans probably also like to put a ring on their finger to signify a particular brand or program to which they belong.


  • Artistic Rings

It is probably the rarest function of wearing custom men rings. No matter how uncommon they are, artistic rings do exist nonetheless. They are basically worn by bold males who want to show their unique taste. The best thing about artistic rings is that they come in any shape or style under the sky. From a creepy skull to a twisting serpent you can get whatever you want on your ring.

How to Get the Appropriate Ring Size?

When it comes to the size of men rings whether they are gemstone or cocktail rings, there are necessarily two things that you have to keep in your mind. First is the size of the band which will determine the finger on which the ring will fit. Second is the ring’s width which will decide how bulky the ring is going to be.

It is pretty straightforward to check the size of the ring. Any local jeweler would be more than willing to take the size of your fingers. Just carefully go through the guidelines regarding which section of the finger should be measured. On the other hand, width or bulkiness of men rings is based on the personal preferences. Some males might favor wider rings to get a manly look. Others may want to keep things light and subtle by preferring a ring with a narrower width.

Which Materials Are Available?

From gemstones to cocktail rings, there is a whole plethora of materials are available. This wide variety of ring materials for men can make this process a bit tricky. Following are some of the most widely used ring materials with their respective noteworthy characteristics.

  • Gold

Gold is probably the only metal which never runs out of fashion. It is commonly sold in three colors which are rose gold, white gold and pure gold. The purest form of gold comes in a yellowish color. The purity of gold is measured with the help of a unit called karat. 24-karat gold is considered to be the purest form and definitely the most expensive one too.


  • Platinum

Currently platinum is known to an extremely precious metal which is used to make men rings and other jewelry. From some distance platinum probably look like silver. But when observed closely its color is actually mellower. Similar to gold, the quality and purity of platinum is also measured in karats. Rings made up of platinum are usually worn by men in order to denote their high status.


  • Stainless Steel

Have no worries if your budget does not allow you to purchase diamond men ring. You can get a stainless steel ring which is an extremely popular choice amongst young males because of twofold reasons – durability and affordability.


  • Titanium

It is one of the sturdiest metals you can find on the planet. Aside from the facts about titanium’s strength, this metal is surprisingly light in weight. Therefore those males who do not like to carry a huge chunk of metal on their fingers might consider titanium as a metal for their ring. Originally titanium has a silvery color, though it can be colored easily. Copper, gold and black are some of the color tones in which titanium is frequently sold.


  • Diamond

There have always been relentless debates regarding whether or not men can wear a diamond ring. Honestly the answer to this dispute is not that difficult. A male can simply as his self if he wants to put a diamond men ring. If the answer is yes then rest of the world’s opinions become meaningless to this particular individual.

Does Usage of Ring Matter?

Upon choosing a ring it is imperative for men to think about their profession. For instance, there are several medical positions, such as lab technicians, nurses or surgeons who might not get the permission to wear their rings especially in the sterilized areas. Numerous industrial professionals like plumbers might have to remove their rings frequently in order to perform their job in an effective manner.

Professions which demand putting up thick gloves like firefighters might face difficulty in wearing thicker men rings. Chefs and other restaurant employees might also need to remove their rings temporarily. Thereby, all of these aspects must be vigilantly considered before making your final decision and purchasing a ring.



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