Ana Cruz’s Favorite Pieces

Global Diamond is so excited to announce our new collaboration with Ana Cruz!

Ana is a talented blogger of all sorts! From fashion, beauty to food she’s the go to girl to check out! Not only does she create her own content for her Instagram, but also started her own business Studio Kreativ. It is a creative agency that’s fueled by her passion for content creation and meeting people.

Here are a few of Ana’s favourite pieces:

Citrine Yellow Diamond Ring

 This oval cut citrine and diamond cocktail ring comes in 14k white gold. This beautiful ring is sure to make a statement!

Stackable Diamond Rings

What’s better than one diamond ring? Three diamond rings! Stack our emerald, ruby and lulith diamond rings for an especially outstanding look.

Blue Topaz Diamond Ring

 This stunning blue topaz diamond ring would be an impeccable gift for your loved one as the perfect promise ring or even a unique engagement ring!

Ruby Ring with the Matching Diamond Bracelet

 Because everything is better as a set! This lovely set will shine beautifully catching the eye.

 Classic Emerald and Diamond Ring with the Matching Bracelet

 This emerald set vibrates with love. There is no better gift to give, it creates harmony and joy and will put a smile on her beautiful face!


Be sure to follow Ana on Instagram, Facebook & follow her blog!




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