Cindy Jones

How to Pack Jewelry for Moving and for Travel

There are ways to pack jewelry so you don’t lose an earring or get your necklaces and bracelets tangled or scratched. If you are packing for a vacation, only take the items you can afford to lose. For some that means leaving behind their engagement and wedding rings, for others it means just taking inexpensive costume jewelry that looks great but is replaceable. If you are moving to a new home across town or across the country, you should carry your genuine jewelry with you and not leave it for the movers to put on the truck even if you have packed it perfectly and labeled it dirty laundry.


If your jewelry does not have its own box, use wrapping paper to individually wrap each piece. Fine jewelry can become scratched when it is wrapped with even one other piece. You can also separate each piece with some press-and-seal plastic wrap or put each piece in a separate zip lock snack bag. If you prefer to avoid plastic, use wrapping paper to individually wrap each piece.

Do Not

Along with scratching the surface of your jewelry, you can also break clasps, filigree and other artistic designs when you put all of your jewelry in one box or bag. The important thing to remember when you are packing jewelry for a vacation is to select the pieces that are versatile for all your outfits so you can keep the jewelry to a minimum and not pack pieces you never end up wearing.

Expensive or heirloom jewelry may be an eye-catcher for a less-than-honest person helping you move. You should always keep it either with you or in sight if it is not locked away somewhere. If you must travel with expensive jewelry, make sure it is securely wrapped in small enough cases like a pill carrier or mint tin, so it fits in your purse. You shouldn’t even put it in your carryon luggage.

If you are attending a charity gala in New York, you may want to pack the real thing, but if you are going on a relaxing vacation, always take jewelry that you can afford to lose. There are affordable jewelry cases and bags that are made to separate jewelry, or you can do it the easy way and use wrapping paper, plastic bags, or other reusable items to individually wrap and protect each piece.

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