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What to Know About Losing Weight for Your Wedding

Many brides-to-be want to lose weight before their wedding so that they can look their very best on their special day. They might have selected a beautiful dress that does not fit quite right. No matter what the reason for wanting to lose weight, it is important that the strategies used are safe and realistic. Also, if you have any medical conditions, it is essential to consult a doctor before beginning a weight-loss plan.

Setting Realistic Goals for Your Timeframe

One of the most important things to remember is that extreme weight-loss goals are rarely achievable in any length of time. You have the wedding date, so you know how much time you have between the diet’s start date and the actual big day. Adjust your diet plan to your timeframe, and then choose your goal weight from that. Your aim should be to lose no more than 1-2 pounds per day for a total of around 14 pounds per week at most. At this rate, you should not have to take on any drastic steps to lose weight, just a few diet tweaks and maybe some increased exercise.

Take how much time you have until the wedding into consideration as you form your weight-loss plan. If you have a fairly long engagement, the ketogenic diet can give steady and long-lasting results when given enough time. Alternatively, if you have a shorter engagement, the HCG diet may be more effective for reaching your goals. While there are many possible diet changes you could make in order to meet your weight loss goals, you must look critically and realistically about the results you can expect from that diet in the amount of time you have before the wedding.

If, at any time, you are looking at diet plans with the words “cleanse” or “extreme” or you are considering a program that requires IV fluids, stop and reconsider. Yes, you want to lose some weight before your wedding, but you don’t want to be the pale, shaking, nearly collapsing bride who gets rushed to the hospital at the end of the ceremony.

Bridal Boot Camps

If you think you cannot stick to your diet plan and need a lot more outside discipline, you can opt for a bridal boot camp. Some feature two weeks of intense exercise that you must commit to, and others are actual camps that control your food intake and your exercise routines. They can be expensive, and some are brutal, but they are effective in most cases.

If you choose the boot-camp route, make sure that you thoroughly research the program. Is it accredited? Are there professionals on staff? What are their ratings and reviews? Don’t just sign up for the first program that you find. Also, give yourself enough time between the end of the boot camp and your wedding day for recovery as your muscles will probably be very sore for a few days.


There are a few spa treatments that are said to be able to help you sculpt your body into the shape you want by freezing the fat cells in certain parts of your body. This process is known as coolscupting. It may not be a permanent solution to weight loss without some lifestyle changes to help you keep the weight off but if you are needing a little extra help before your big day in order to look your best then you can research procedures such as coolsculpting to see if they are a fit for your body. Find out the risks involved and how affective it really is before subjecting your body to treatments.

Meal Delivery Services

Another option for safe and effective weight loss is a meal delivery service. With all of the stress and chaos of wedding planning, fittings, and everything else you have going on, you may not be getting regular or healthy meals. Not only does this slow your metabolism down and prevent you from losing weight, but it can also increase your risk of getting sick. A meal delivery service makes sure that you get all the meals that you need for proper nutrition without the hassle of cooking, shopping, or meal planning. It also prevents you from forgetting to eat until you are starving, nauseous and lashing out at everyone.

Make sure to research services that specialize in weight loss, or look for one that will let you set your intake options based on calories. Most services have options for people who need to be gluten-free or are trying to eat low carb.

Meal Replacements: Bars, Shakes and More

Another thing that future brides try is meal-replacement shakes or bars. These are usually okay for a short-term weight loss strategy as long as you are still getting enough nutrition through the day and not relying just on the shakes alone. Make sure that your meal replacement of choice has adequate protein without a lot of added sugars, preservatives or other unwanted ingredients.

A good meal-replacement shake should have around 200 to 350 calories. Any lower than that and you are not going to have enough energy to get through the day. Make sure that you are still drinking plenty of water and eating a regular meal at least once per day so that you are getting all of the vitamins and minerals that you need. Be warned that some people find that shakes make them spend too much time in the bathroom.

Going Vegetarian or Vegan

Some brides will opt to go meat-free to lose weight. While there are some very inspiring stories about people who have given up meat and lost a lot of weight, there are even more cautionary tales of people who gave up meat and not only failed to lose weight but gained it instead. The problem is that some people replace the meat they were eating with other high-calorie options, like macaroni and cheese and grilled-cheese sandwiches. They skip the truly beneficial foods of the vegetarian diet, like leafy greens and nutrient-dense vegetables, and eat the wrong foods.

Like any other plan, there are pros and cons to going meat-free. You have to be able to eat the right foods, or the plan is not going to help you get into the bridal gown of your dreams in time for your wedding.

What About Your Engagement Ring?

As you start losing weight, you might notice that your jewelry is starting to fit differently. If your engagement ring is getting too loose, you may need to have it resized, especially if you are planning to continue losing weight after the wedding. If you have many pounds to lose and are worried about needing to have the ring resized multiple times, you can use a ring guard at first and, then, have the ring resized once you have reached your goal weight.

The more intricate a ring’s design, the more difficult it can be to resize safely. You should know that once a ring has been resized once, it can be even more challenging to resize again. Using a plastic guard on the inside of the band is the safest and easiest method of changing the ring’s size because it is temporary and does not change the appearance of the ring at all.

Global Diamond Montreal is passionate about manufacturing the perfect jewelry for your proposal, engagement, or anniversary. If you have any more questions about ring sizing, ring cleaning, or any other preparations your ring may need for your wedding day, do not hesitate to ask! Contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions promptly.

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