Everyday Uses of Gold Other Than Jewelry

Gold is a valuable element of many jewelry pieces, no matter how basic or luxurious they may be. However, many people don’t know that gold has a lot of other uses that don’t necessarily have to do with jewelry making. Not only is gold a beautiful and valuable material, but it is also surprisingly versatile in different materials.


As electronics have developed, gold has been used increasingly to create dependable elements and materials, creating better technology. It is used to make lots of different kinds of wires, such as bonding wires. It is also used to make electroplating chemicals, electrical connectors and contacts, coating, and many other electronic materials. There is a lot of gold used in computers and smartphones. Gold is used in these many ways because it has high electrical conductivity, it is fairly soft and pliable, and it doesn’t tarnish easily. According to Monroe Engineering, these qualities, among others, make gold the perfect material to work with when building electrical products.

Dental Implants

Gold is often used to create dental implants, such as tooth crowns. According to Crown Buyers, gold used in dental procedures is usually mixed with other metals like palladium. This combination creates a dependable, durable solution for dental issues. Usually, gold dental implants are used to replace missing, rotting, or broken teeth, and are a good alternative to similar porcelain options. While they can be a bit expensive at times, they are certainly trendy! The use of crowns and other implants can help dentists to ensure better dental hygiene for their patients.


According to HelloGold, there is a lot of gold used in aerospace products and machines. No wonder the projects that NASA works on are so expensive! Gold is a very consistent and dependable material that doesn’t often require a lot of repair from wear and tear. It can even be used to provide lubrication between moving parts on a mechanical piece. This is necessary because any other kind of lubrication wouldn’t last in space because of fierce radiation and the strength of the atmospheric vacuum. For this reason, gold is used in many ways on every space vehicle that is launched into space.

Now that you know that gold is not only valuable, but also very useful, hopefully, you’ll appreciate it a little more when you put on a piece of jewelry, use your computer, or visit the dentist’s office. Remember that your life has been blessed by the technological advances made possible by the use of gold. Gold has so many uses and benefits, and there are likely many more uses just waiting to be discovered.

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