How to know if she’s the ONE?


How can I be sure that this woman is the one? That I finally found THE real love everyone is talking about? You love her but you want to make sure that she is the one before asking for her hand in marriage? For most men, the decision to get married isn’t something that happens easily, it takes lots of thought and time. So, today I wrote something that will allow you to see a little more clearly and help you make your decision. These are the 10 signs “she’s the one.”


  1. She supports you.

She is the one who has the utmost confidence in you and who recognizes your full potential. She shares your desires for success and believes in you unconditionally. You soulmate supports you and your passions. She may not be super interested in baseball for exemple, but she tries to learn a little about this sport to show interest. She supports your dreams, your passions and she is always there for you whenever you need her.

2.  You share an equal vision on life.

It is obvious that if you are about to spend the rest of your life with someone, you must share certain values. She may be a beautiful woman, but if she has nothing in common with you, you might want to rethink this. Family life, political beliefs, religious beliefs, relationship boundaries, the desire for children, and most importantly, what it means for you both to be married, are all things that should be established before any major decisions should be made. It is really important to talk to your loved one about those important values and beliefs before engaging a long term relationship. As stated by Dr. Carmen Harra, internationally recognized psychologist and best-selling author, ” There’s always room for compromise, yes, but two partners must share the same view on the fundamentals of life in order to make it work for good. That relationships transform over time is inevitable, and one partner may evolve differently than the other. What’s important is that both partners continue to visualize the same future, despite how each is slowly changing from day to day. “

3. She is your best friend.

Being in a relationship does not always mean date nights, roses and love songs, being in a relationship is also supposed to have a lot of laughter, foolishness and just enjoying the company of the other person. You may not be the biggest humorists on Earth, but you guys are able to make each other laugh, and this is one of the most important things. I can not stress enough how important it is to consider your other half  as not just your lover, but also as your best friend. Enjoying the same activities and being able to have a great time together is the key to a healthy , fun & long lasting relationship!

4. You’ve known each other for years, but fall back in love even more every day.

Even though you have been together for a long time, you still feel the butterflies in your stomach when you see her, as if it was the first time. You fall in love again every time you see her laughs or smiles. In a relationship, It’s important to feel the sparkles that you felt at the beginning of the relation. You know the feeling of excitement you get when you think of her, the goosebumps you get when you hear her voice on the phone. If you still feel it after all those years, It’s a sign that this girl is probably the one for you!

5.  She makes you feel safe and protected.

Regardless of the gender of your partner, you should both always feel safe and protected. Your partner should make you feel like It’s you two against the world, and that nothing can come between you! When you two are together, nothing bad can happen, and that is what will continue to make you feel safe and secure from anything.

6. You are comfortable around each other’s family.

If you are thinking about spending the rest of your life with your lover, you also have to consider her family becoming yours too. It is so important to have a good relationship with your partner’s family because once you are married, they will probably be part of all the occasions that will come your way, wedding, birthdays, graduation parties, etc. Accepting your spouse’s family includes accepting a significant portion of her.

7.  You do sacrifices for her and make her your priority.

And she loves doing it for you, too. Be careful, I am not saying that you are sacrificing everything for one another: to deny your desires in favor of the other is never a good idea! On the other hand, to open oneself to the other, to be curious, it is undeniably rewarding for one as for the other. For exemple, when she goes to the bar with you to watch the hockey game with you and your friends instead of just staying home, or when you come with her to the mall to help her find the perfect dress, instead of going golfing with your friends. Those are little sacrifices that proves you guys care for each other and that you want to make your significant other happy. Love is defined by little sacrifices, and when it’s real? You won’t even mind making them.

8. You think about her first.

You know she’s the one when she’s the first person that pops into your mind when you have good news. When you are out shopping and everything you see reminds you of her. When you’re at the restaurant with your friend and all you can think about is how much she would like it here. She’s the person you are always thinking about, no matter what.


9.  As soon as you say goodbye, you already start missing her.

You see her everyday but as soon as she leaves you are already craving her. Craving her love. Missing her every second until the moment she comes back, that is real love.


10. You’re ok with being wrong, even when you’re right.

You have to weight the situation and see if being right is more important the the happiness of you and and lover. Sometimes you just have to take one for the team. You know you have found the one when being right or wrong isn’t even important to you anymore, because seeing your significant other happy makes you just as happy.





Author: Anissa Tanguay

You can find me here:




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