How to try on engagement rings before making an online purchase

In case it wasn’t already clear, there isn’t much that can come in the way of people getting engaged- yes, even a pandemic that has infiltrated all spaces in our lives could not bring the engagement season to a halt. In the year 2021, there are new engagement trends that are catching on like wildfire and designers as well as couples are making unique choices when it comes to ring shopping.

We’re here to facilitate you by providing you the option to try on the engagement ring so you have an idea of what it’ll look like on your hand before buying it online.

We believe that the best place from where you can buy your ring is your home.

This is exactly why we’re witnessing an evolved process of buying engagement rings in these evolving times. However, it may be tricky to make a virtual pick that’s best for you. At, Global Diamond Montreal, we are consistently working on giving you a perfect shopping experience for this very reason. The following are some of the ways through which you can now try on engagement rings before confidently locking “The One” that appeals to you the most!


While this may sound like a far-fetched concept, you can actually try on an engagement ring virtually- thanks to the technological prowess. A clear advantage of this way to select the ring is that you’re not restricted to a specific number and have the opportunity to try on as many as you like.

Many people already have a design in mind that they came across on the Internet and liked or perhaps saw someone wear a ring that caught their eye. However, we’d recommend you to first try on the ring before making any definitive decision. It may happen that what your naked eye deems as attractive doesn’t look too good on your finger. If you give other different unique designs a shot, you may realize that they suit your finger much more than what you had in mind. 

With the virtual try-on option, you can spend a lot of time deciding the perfect design as you’re not restricted to any number of engagement rings you can potentially try. The procedure is a rather simple one. You can visit our website click Try-on rings and select any engagement ring of your preference.

After that, all you have to do is take a picture of your hand and adjust the ring on your finger to see the final look. This is a convenient method that, within the comfort of your home, allows you and your partner to select an exquisite engagement ring for your Big Day!

Try-On some of Our Most Popular Design

You no longer have to stress about making such a huge purchase online, because these options available to you that can help you determine which ring is the perfect fit for you. Global Diamond Montreal prioritizes the ease and comfort of its customers and keeping that, has introduced the system whereby you can try on the ring before making an online purchase. So, have fun with this unique ring shopping experience and consult your partner too- you will definitely find an ideal engagement ring that doesn’t just have a snug fit but makes you feel like it’s only meant to be on your finger!

Global Diamond Montreal is a renowned and well-established store offering you a wide array of stones you can give to your partner and make your proposal a memorable one. We also have a large exclusive online inventory for our customers. If you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring to bejewel your finger on your Big Day, spare no more time and shop from us. Our diamond engagement rings are handcrafted with ethically sourced metals and conflict-free diamonds.

So, do you want to get the most value out of a limited budget? Contact US. Now!

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