Not Your Size? A Buyer’s Guide to Ring Resizing

Rings are a common gift for special occasions, but they’re not always perfect. The person gifting the ring had the best intentions, but he or she guessed the wrong size. However, this isn’t the type of item that you return in order to get something that fits you. The proper process would be to have the ring resized. Depending on the style of the ring, the method of resizing can vary. During the resizing process, you want to be very careful of preserving the quality of the ring.

Less is More

The fewer jewels and accents that are part of a ring, the easier it will be to resize. A plain wedding band is a pretty simple item to resize. When you start to incorporate elements like diamonds or gemstones into the mix, this will cause more issues. In addition, sizing up can cost you more than sizing down. We have unlimited options for simple, delicate rings that can make resizing a breeze if you’re unsure of ring size or anticipating a change due to pregnancy or weight loss.

Hidden Costs

A lot of people head to a jeweler and expect a resizing to be a pretty simple purchase. In fact, resizing can be very involved. If you are looking for a ring that will be bigger than what you have now, you’ll likely have to pay for the additional metal or jewels needed to complete the job. Sizing down to something smaller can sometimes be expensive as well if there is etching or gems that need to match up. You will want to be prepared and to keep hidden costs in mind since nearly half of Americans claim they would be unable to afford an unexpected $400 expense.

Think About Alternatives

You don’t necessarily have to cut into the metal of a ring in order to make it fit. If you find that the estimate for your resizing is far more than you had expected it would be, think about an alternative. If you’re going to be wearing an engagement ring and wedding band pairing that don’t fit properly, you can see if the jeweler will fuse the two rings together. The larger ring can help keep the other ring on better. You could also choose to wear the looser ring on your finger first, followed by the tighter ring. This will help keep the loose ring in place. You may also want to insure your rings against theft, loss, or damage. A jewelry investment is something that you should care for indefinitely. Gold, precious metals, and gemstones are all very expensive. If you’re walking around with a ring that doesn’t fit well, you could risk having it fall off your finger. This would be a devastating situation. Speak to a few different jewelers to get estimates, and you can find out what your options are going to be before you choose a jeweler you can trust for the perfect ring.

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