Picking the Perfect Day to Propose

Choosing the right time to propose is just as important as choosing the perfect engagement ring! We all know there is no such thing as perfect timing, there are some dates that have proven to be quite popular and successful. But always remember, the element of surprise is above all. These are the top 5 dates that have dominated when it comes to proposing:

The Holidays

Well this one was a given right? Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years are definitely the most celebrated days of proposals. Think about it, you’re surrounded by family, all of the lights hanging around the city. There is just something magical about the holidays. The setting is beautiful, no matter where you pop the question, and what better gift than the gift of love?

Valentine’s Day

Although be it as it may be a cliché, on this day, love really is in the air. It is a less subtle way to propose seeing as it may be expected on Valentine’s Day. But really wouldn’t you rather get that beautiful engagement ring instead of a bouquet of roses?

On your trip

Have a trip planed? What could be more romantic than proposing on your getaway? Imagine the setting, on the beach, in front of the Eiffel Tower, or by Niagara Falls! Sweep your partner off their feet after a long day of adventuring! This would be the best way to surprise your partner leaving them speechless.


Though some don’t like sharing their birthday with other holidays or occasions, Birthday proposals have proven to be quite popular! Why not share your birthday on one of the most memorable moments of your life? It would be the best birthday ever! An extraordinary engagement ring for a unforgettable day!

The Anniversary of your First Date

How cute would it be to be on a date at the place you had your first date? Add that extra significance to the restaurant or location by proposing! It will be so romantic and unexpected leaving an imprint of this moment forever in your hearts.In the end, it doesn’t matter when or where you propose. The mere fact that you’re ready to take that step with your loved one is enough, and if you love each other then nothing else matters; embark on your journey together. 






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