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Top rings collection at Global Diamond Montreal
Celebrate the critical times in your life with a beautiful collection of diamond rings with clever designs. At Global Diamonds Montreal, we try to make jewelry that shows love and happiness in a thousand different ways. Our craftspeople have perfected their skills over many years and know how to make beautiful diamond rings and other high-quality jewelry.
Our collection is full of beautiful diamond rings for both men and women. Find diamond rings that we make with love for every occasion. Take a  look at our stunning collection.

Gemstone rings
We have an impressive collection of rings that can easily be worn as a daily accessory or an elegant accessory for any special occasion. Each stone is guaranteed natural, and the diamonds are hand selected to ensure they maintain the perfect brilliance. Check out our gemstone rings options and find your ideal gemstone ring with diamonds!

Aquamarine ring
Wearing a top-quality Aquamarine ring with diamonds from Global Diamond Montreal adds an elegant touch to any ensemble. Each piece features an impressive variety of diamonds that radiate in unison, creating a dazzling display of shimmering beauty. A stunning gift for yourself or someone you love, this versatile piece works perfectly as an engagement ring or wedding band. Check out the top  Aquamarine ring with diamonds on our website.

Tanzanite rings
Global Diamond quality Tanzanite rings feature gorgeous Tanzanite stones set in a professional bezel setting. The center stone is surrounded by diamond accents and is guaranteed to last a lifetime. This beauty has been crafted to be long-lasting and will make a great addition to your jewelry collection. You can wear these Tanzanite rings as an engagement or wedding ring , or simply by itself as a beautiful reminder of your true love.

White sapphire
The white sapphire is known as a stone of purity, symbolizing love and protection. The ring is set with a round brilliant cut white sapphire (1.02ct), flawless open clarity, and a beautiful royal blue color. We have beautiful sapphire rings here for you. The white sapphires will help you to be more confident, and the diamond will make your look more elegant.

Amethyst ring
The white top amethyst ring is a must-have for your bridal jewelry , wedding day, or engagement. The lovely piece features a stunning crystal ring with a unique design and a white amethyst stone and diamonds. The amethyst’s teardrop shape and the beautiful setting make this ring perfect for everyday wear or to give as a gift.

Blue sapphire ring
This Stunning Top Blue sapphire ring with diamonds for your special day is a gorgeous piece of jewelry you can wear every day to celebrate the love you share. It is perfect for any occasion, such as an anniversary or engagement. You will be proud to wear this dainty but excellent piece from our collection.
Our primary objective is to create jewelry for you that is more beautiful than anything else. At Global Diamond Montreal, our team ensures that every piece will make you happy from the first time you see it until the last. We carefully consider the whole work, from how the prongs are designed to the hidden accents under the center stone. We care a lot about comfort, quality, and durability to ensure you will love this jewelry for a lifetime.

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