September Birthstone Gift Guide

There is something about birthstones that creates an attraction, whether the focus is on their lore and history, or the emotional connection someone might have to their birth month’s gem!

September babies get to call the sapphire their birthstone! It is one of the most prestigious jewels in the world. Sapphires come in many different hues, each of which originates from a different corner of the globe! But of course, the most popular, the cornflower-blue sapphire. A brilliant blue sapphire may be the perfect birthstone gift for your loved one this month. This unique color will be as eye catching as the person wearing it!

So what does it represent?

 The word sapphire comes from Latin and Greek roots meaning blue. They represent wisdom, royalty and protection from evil and harm. They eliminate nerves, allowing you to make important decisions with a clear mind. Also, virtue, good fortune, and faithfulness!


Mythology Behind Sapphires

Many centuries ago people believed sapphires brought joy, prosperity, fulfillment, inner peace and beauty. Many people would wear them to ward off illness or even use them as protection during long travels. In the middle ages, it was commonly believed that they could suppress a person’s negative thoughts and could be used as an all-purpose medication. People even believed that they could strengthen their heart and muscles by wearing them! Even though today we don’t believe that these gems could have such metaphysical properties, it’s interesting to know how important they were and they impact they have today!


Did you know that the sapphire was discovered in the middle ages? The name sapphire was applied to various blue stones such as what is now called Lapis Lazuli. Around the 1800s it was recognized that the sapphire and ruby were both gem varieties from the same mineral; Corundum. Corundum is a rock-forming mineral, which is the hardest after the diamond!

Pure corundum is colorless, however the color from the ruby and sapphire both occur from small chemical impurities. Meaning, the rich red color from the ruby is caused by Chromium, while the sapphire is the name given to all other colors of corundum caused by iron and titanium. The colors include blue, of course, yellows, pinks, and greens.

The most desired sapphires used to come from Kashmir, India, where the deposits were situated at a height of 16,500 ft. in the Zaskar region! It is said that the sapphires were of deep cornflower blue with a silky sheen!

Perfect Gift Guide for the September Baby

0.48 Carat (CTW) Oval Cut Sapphire and 0.18 CTdiamond Halo Fashion Cocktail Ring in 10k White Gold

3.05 Carat (CTW) Sapphire and Diamond Fashion Tennis Bracelet in 14k Yellow Gold

0.74 Carat (CTW) Sapphire and Diamond Infinity Pendant Necklace in 14K White Gold with Chain

0.06 Carat (CTW) Sapphire and Diamond Hoop Earrings in 14K White Gold


Buy your loved one any of our sapphire pieces and they will be sure to cherish it forever!

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