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At Global Diamond Montreal, our peerlessly beautiful solitaire engagement rings evoke the priceless moment of two people starting a life together. Each diamond is hand-selected for unique sparkle and set in white gold, yellow gold, and wondrous platinum designs that make a sophisticated and elegant statement. Each fascinating design embodies our unbeatable diamond heritage and celebrates the world’s most iconic symbol of love.

A solitaire engagement ring is the symbol of classic and gives elegant beauty that never succumbs to trends. Solitaires highlight the magnificence of your gemstone or diamond and look great with both the most sizeable gems and modest-sized diamonds.

Feels like closing your eyes

There are numerous styles and setting alternatives within the realm of solitaire engagement rings. The most famous choice is still the Tiffany-style setting, with a cautiously selected single diamond set with 4-6 prongs topped with a beautiful precious gold band. These settings get the maximum amount of light that hits your center stone, showing off its brilliance. But some women prefer a diamond ring with a lower profile, for instance, a bezel-set solitaire. Solitaire rings can be modern, classic, or utterly unique.

Get ready

To be amazed

Perfect for any Wedding band

Solitaire diamond rings are the easiest to complement with any wedding band from classic to new designs.

Ideal for Buying Loose Stone

If you’re a true diamond lover, you might want to buy loose stones first. It saves a ton! With a solitaire ring, you don’t have to pick multiple stones; one will do!

Easy to Upgrade or Renovate

Solitaire rings are designed with enough space for add-on diamonds and designs. In short, modifying the solitaires are easy. You can add extra bling whenever you want.

Setting is always Higher than average

A setting that gives it a projected look and brighter shine. You can stack rings with it, even popping out wedding bands with three stones.

Special offer

Buy a solitaire ring over 3000$ before taxes and receive 350$ off your matching gold wedding band, eternity, or semi-eternity ring to complete your dream wedding set combination.

Use coupon code: set350

*Please note this special offer cannot be used in conjunction with the Paybright financing and also does not apply to already discounted products. This offer also cannot be combined with another coupon code.

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