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The Pursuit of the Perfect Engagement Ring

Find the right girl, check. Plan the perfect proposal, check. Found the right ring We know it’s hard to find the right ring for your special someone!

There seems to be a lot of pressure when it comes to finding the perfect ring. It shows your love and dedication to your fiancé not to mention that they will be showing it off to EVERYONE!

For many people, it might be there first time in a jewelry store and get lost with all the different cuts and styles. But have no fear; we are here to help you step by step on how to choose the picture-perfect engagement ring!

Set your Budget

First things first, you MUST establish your budget. This will help you narrow down your choice, and allow our jewellers help you choose.

Many people have heard that you’re “supposed” to spend two months salary on a ring, but this is only but the opposite. YOU set your budget and what you can afford. Your partner loves you for who you are not the price tag of the ring. Like any gift, it’s the thought that went into it that matters.

If you can’t afford the typical engagement ring just yet, but are eager to propose, we would suggest getting your loved one a more simple promise ring!

Make it a Surprise

Most of us always talk hypothetically about the kind of rings we like and send hints to our partners, which is great but make sure you don’t completely take away the surprise! Show them you put thought into it, that you were creative, considered what they like, but also found something genuine.

Find out their Ring Size

This tends to be the number one mistake most people make when purchasing an engagement ring. Although you can always go back to the jeweller to resize the ring, wouldn’t it be nice for the ring to slide right on when you pop the question?

The best way to do this without ruining the surprise would be to take one of their rings to the jeweller to use as reference to their size!

Choosing the Setting and Colour

Selecting the style might be the hardest part of it all. You need to consider the cut of the diamond, the colour, the setting, the shape, the type of metal for the band, etc.

When thinking about the style of ring, think about your partner’s personal style. You’d be surprised how much that can impact the choice of ring. Their style can give you clues if they’re generally more modern, classic, glamorous, natural, or a combination of these.

So what are all of these shapes and settings were talking about? Here are a few examples:


Round       Princess        Pear         Oval          Heart



Tiffany Setting

 Timeless and classic.

Eternity Band

 Diamonds that wrap around the entirety of the band.

Bezel Setting

The metal wraps around the diamond and hugs it tightly.


Many diamonds set closely together.

Channel Setting

Diamonds enveloped in a band.


Taking all of these things into consideration, don’t forget the reason behind the ring. You are ready to spend the rest of your lives together and are prepared to live a long and happy life. Come see us for all of your needs and we will answer all of your questions when looking for the ring for the love of your life.

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