We Have the Rhodium Solution for You

Do you ever worry that your diamond ring’s natural shine and reflection will fade? This tends to happen over time due to your natural acidity when you sweat. Fortunately, we have the solution for you!

There are a few reasons why you would plate with rhodium. Firstly, you would use it to protect your metal against tarnish, to brighten your metal leaving it with a white finish or to create a hypoallergenic surface on your metal. Its abilities are the perfect solution for these desired goals for your jewellery.

Rhodium plating is most often found on white gold. However, most people do not know that the gold is actually yellow, mixed with a white metal. These metals that are known as white are actually more of a grey colour. For the desired white gold look to be bright, a thin layer of rhodium electroplating is used to make the jewellery shine. When white gold is plated with rhodium it also keeps it looking good longer, and is less likely to get scratched. However, the initial plating does not last forever. While rhodium plating is durable, there is no way to avoid it wearing away.

Items that have a lot of wear such as wedding rings tend to start changing colour over the years. Other reasons could be from cleaning supplies, cosmetics and hand lotions. All of these reasons affect the duration of the rhodium plating. You can tell right away when the plating has worn off when you begin to see the yellowish colour of the original white gold!

Before the rhodium solution is applied to your ring, the first step is to give it a proper cleansing. This step is essential to make sure that the rhodium adheres properly. Once the ring has been cleaned, the ring must be cleaned in an acid bath and rinsed multiple times in distilled water. This ensures that the rhodium is applied to its fullest capacity, leaving you happy to see your ring bright and white once again!

Discolouration of rings is a very common problem, but have no fear we have the solution for you! Until now, most jewellers found working with rhodium plating solutions to be challenging to work with to ensure the bright-white professional result. However, here at Global Diamond Montreal, we deliver the highest luminosity coordinate, meaning your ring will be noticeably brighter and will look brand new!

Come visit us with your ring so that we can bring it back to life!





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