Cocktail Ring

What Is a Cocktail Ring and Should You Buy One?

What Is A Cocktail Ring?

By definition, a cocktail ring is a jewelry ring that is larger than regular rings, specifically designed to attract with its colour and size. These rings either have a lot of small stones in their settings or oversized center stone. In cocktail rings, the gemstones are usually imitations. These rings that became famous in the 1940s, were mostly worn at cocktail parties, hence their name. Currently, people wear cocktail rings in any fancy event, even when they’re not dressed in formal clothing.

What Are Cocktail Rings Made Of?

The majority of the cocktail rings are relatively inexpensive since they are made with cheaper materials. These rings make use of low-karat gold (10k or 14k). Often, plating is used to cover the jewelry, with the layer beneath being made of alloy or a cheaper material. Since big stones are usually used in diamond cocktail rings, imitations of gemstones or diamonds are used, if these rings were to incorporate real thing, the piece would become very expensive. However, note that cocktail rings are genuine stones, but they are not expensive. The diamonds in these diamond cocktail rings are real, but they are often tiny and numerous, having a low-grade clarity, color, and cut.

Downsides Of Cocktail Rings

If you’re allergic to nickel, cocktail rings may not be your thing because these rings are made from low-karat gold which is usually found in gold alloys. Another drawback of cocktail rings is the plating that is used to coat them with; it often wears out quickly and is thin, exposing the lower layer, which has a different colour. Another issue that these cocktail rings have is that people are reluctant to purchase them because they’re cheaply made. Lastly, cocktail rings have many small stones, which are held in place by several prongs. The more the prongs a ring contains, the more is the risk of them breaking or bending. Plus, if they start to wear out, you would have to spend a lot of money to repair them. The presence of all these prongs would also make your ring susceptible to catching your hair; it may easily snag your clothes too. Generally speaking, cocktail rings are not designed to last; this is one of the main reasons why they’re not expensive.



There is nothing wrong with buying a cocktail ring, just ensure that you consider what stones are used to make it. Often, the center stone is large in size, and if it is also cheap and genuine, its natural flaws will be more apparent due to its size. This is why it is better to go with a simulated or synthetic stone, both of which promise better quality. Additionally, ensure that you don’t fail to inspect the construction of the ring since the structure of these pieces of jewelry is weak. Also, make sure that the prongs hold the gemstones tight and are not too thin. Lastly, avoid rings whose stones are loosely held in the setting.

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