The concept of exchanging engagement rings dates back to ancient history and the tradition has been carried forward strongly to this day.

Engagement rings symbolize meaningful emotions like love, affection, care, trust and embody a token of promise between two individuals to stay together for the rest of their lives. This reflects how much it means for both: the giver and the receiver.

More than taking your relationship to the next step, it’s about signifying your commitment to the rest of the world. Because an engagement ring holds so much meaning to it, you want to find an ideal one to give to your partner. It isn’t every day that you give a ring that represents the essence of your strong and loving relationship.

Of course, diamonds have long been the gemstone of choice for an engagement ring. However, many people are put off when it comes to mined diamonds and find themselves dwelling in a moral conundrum. Luckily, you can opt for lab grown diamond rings instead.

In this piece we’ve combed through some strong arguments which explain why you should buy a lab grown diamond engagement ring before popping the big question!

Together, let’s walk through some of the reasons why you should choose lab grown diamond rings over the traditional mined ones:


Lab Grown Diamonds have a Competitive Pricing

A key advantage of making this choice is that it is much more pocket-friendly. You can select a lab grown diamond ring that is bigger in size and higher in quality in the same amount. Many people assume that upgrading carat, cut, clarity or customizing the ring will cost them an arm and leg. However, with lab grown diamond rings, this isn’t the case.

This is basically due to the fact that they are of 40% less monetary worth in comparison to traditional mined diamonds of the same quality. Once the realization strikes you that lab grown diamonds essentially are the same as mined ones, (the only difference being that purchasing the latter, incurs a much higher cost), you make the sensible choice of choosing lab grown diamond engagement ring.

A common misconception is that lab grown diamonds aren’t as technologically advanced just because they are less expensive. It’s important that you’re enlightened with the right information; every lab grown diamond is a product of a small diamond seed. That seed then undergoes a specialized process of chemical vapor deposition to take the shape of a standard diamond.

Lab Grown Diamonds are an Ethical Choice

We are relational beings in a world where everything affects everything and therefore to care for others is to care for our self. Thus, the onus is on us to make responsible choices and buying mined diamond rings isn’t one of them. Therefore, while mined diamonds may have a visual appeal like no other crystal, they have acquired the reputation of being unethical.

The wars in Africa in the past have been funded by mined diamonds. Additionally, they have a significant adverse impact on the environment and ample of energy is required to extract them from the earth. Given that lab grown diamonds are fashioned in a controlled environment, these ethical concerns that are associated with mined diamonds simply don’t exist.

Blood Diamonds

You’re probably aware of “blood diamonds”. This term is used alternatively for mined diamonds because they were used as a means of funding several wars and rebellions in Africa where many of the mined diamonds come from. There is also a slew of ethical concerns like unfair wages, child labor, terrible working conditions for miners and human rights violation.

These are all examples of grave humanitarian crisis that can be prevented if you choose lab grown diamonds.

A Smaller Environmental Impact

It can be safely asserted that because lab grown diamonds do not entail the mining process to exist, they are an environmentally friendly option. Significant environmental impacts of mining occur at local, regional, as well global scales through mining diamonds. Between 88,000 and 176,000 pounds of dirt is sifted through in order to obtain just a single diamond of 1 carat. This suggests that diamond mines are some of the largest man-made holes on Earth and have instigated damage to our ecological systems.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, lab grown diamonds are grown in a strictly controlled space with negligible impact on the environment.

Lab Grown Diamonds are Distinctive and Stylish

It is common knowledge that in the case of mined diamonds, you have an array of unique designs at your disposal to choose from. But in the same vein, lab grown diamonds too offer a wide range of contemporary design options that are bound to turn heads. If your taste is dependent on what’s “in fashion” i.e. trendy styles, then you can buy lab grown diamonds like emerald, marquise, Asscher, heart, pear or more of such shapes. However, if your preference lies with traditional shapes then you can simply go for the round, princess, cushion or oval ones.

As far as the questions of setting goes, lab grown diamonds can be placed in any setting of your choosing, giving you a diverse range of elegant options.

Among the youth/millennials, lab grown diamonds are gaining traction and are becoming an increasingly popular choice. This is mainly because they give the exact look and feel of a diamond engagement ring, but at a much more affordable cost. With lab grown diamonds you can get just what you are looking for, while also getting something that is exceptional and chic.

Lab Grown Diamonds Provide a Convenient and Stress-Free Shopping Experience

The seed is exposed to the same level of pressure as well as temperature in the lab as it is in the case of mined diamonds- at a quicker rate though. Given the fact that the method of growing a diamond conducted in the lab is severely controlled, the final produced outcome is of top-notch quality. This paves the way for a convenient purchase of the lab grown diamond engagement ring online.

Wondering why someone would feel comfortable buying a diamond ring online? Let us shed light upon some of the causes!

First and foremost, you have no one pressurizing you to buy any specific type of ring- be it a loose stone or an engagement ring. It gives you the room to take your time and browse through various sites and pages until you make up your mind. This allows you to make a final decision at your own pace and ultimately go for the most gravitating piece that strikes a chord in your heart.

Second of all, your options are restricted in a regular jewelry shop as you have to resort to engagement rings that are put at display. However if you employ online platforms to look for an ideal lab grown engagement ring, you have a greater avenue to explore a myriad of options that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

And do you know the best part about all of this? You don’t need to speak to anyone or be influenced by anyone’s opinion to make your decision.


In case you have any queries regarding the product that you want answered, you’re always facilitated with a Customer Service section or a contact number where you can reach out to the brand. Your concerns will be catered to by a professional at the other end of a phone call, who can give you a deep insight into the various kinds and shapes of stones and diamonds available.


At the end of the day, your engagement is your big day and whichever engagement ring you end up buying is entirely your call. It was important to throw light upon why mined diamonds are infamous, so it helps you make an informed decision before the purchase. Lab grown diamonds are a perfectly great alternative and most importantly- significantly more budget-friendly. So, a lot comes down to your range, your morals, and your personal preference. Of course, the final decision comes down to which type of diamond aligns with you and your partner’s values and what you can really afford.

Regardless of whichever type of engagement ring you choose, we hope you’re able to find just the one you’re looking for!

If you wish to buy an exquisite diamond engagement ring and are seeking potential options, head over to our site and pick out the most dazzling piece for your loved one.

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