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At Global Diamond Montreal, our peerlessly beautiful halo engagement rings evoke the priceless moment of two people starting a life together. Each diamond solitaire is hand-selected for unique sparkle and set in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and wondrous platinum designs that make a sophisticated and elegant statement. Each fascinating design embodies our unbeatable diamond heritage and celebrates the world’s most iconic symbol of love.

It has been found out that people having exquisite taste display a blend of characteristics that must be complimented be with the same level of majestic presentation as their taste. Such is the relevancy of halo rings to your choices. A halo ring comprises of a center diamond sitting beautifully on the top, bowed upon from all sides by small gemstones promoting the delicacy and exclusive beauty of the ring. Halo rings are rather inspiring because of their design accentuating the beauty of the large diamond by brushing it through a circle of other small diamonds. Couples are attracted by its design because it paints an accurate picture of the eternal love they are so dearly trying to find. We have a fine range of brilliant rings for you to choose from.

Feels like heaven

You can be the boss in deciding how vibrant or how innocent they should be. The number of circles of Pàve makes the ring look bigger and bigger, so it will be your choice to decide depending on the size of the center stone. On top of everything, here at Global Diamond Montreal, we will give you the best of halo engagement rings in Canada. Make a wise choice, Make us your choice.

Get ready

To be amazed

Bigger & Shinier

Halo ring settings make the center diamond seem bigger. For those who are on a budget but still want a big visual impact, the halo diamond ring setting is a great option.

Supports the Center Diamond

The halo ring designs secure the centerpiece diamond. It protects the centerpiece’s vulnerable points from bumps, bangs, and other accidents.

Offers Character

Halo settings support & complements a number of diamond shapes, like round, pear, princess, oval, emerald-cut diamonds. You can customize the details of the halo due to the size of the setting.

More Ct.Weight Without higher prices

These wallet-friendly halo rings packed with numerous smaller diamonds cost way cheaper than a single diamond of the same weight. You will get more total carat size while remaining affordable

Special offer

Buy a halo ring over 3000$ before taxes and receive 500$ off your matching gold wedding band, eternity, or semi-eternity ring to complete your dream wedding set combination.

Use coupon code: haloset500

*Please note this special offer cannot be used in conjunction with the Paybright financing and also does not apply to already discounted products. This offer also cannot be combined with another coupon code.




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