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CRAFTING YOUR DREAM RINGS Share your vision with us, and our skilled artisans will create exceptional diamond rings that embody your personality and love story.

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DISCOVER THE DR. DIAMOND DIFFERENCE I am Doctor Diamond, and my team is dedicated to delivering exceptional value, sustainable elegance, and unparalleled customer satisfaction. It's not just about jewelry; we are here to celebrate your love, your moments, and your happiness.

40 Years of business excellence

35,000+ craftsmanship hours

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From Diamond Cutter To Custom Jewelry Designer With more than 40 years in the diamond jewelry manufacturing & retail business, Doctor Diamond Jewelry is proud to be able to create the best quality of diamond jewelry in Montreal. We are committed to supporting our clients throughout their proposal, engagement and anniversary celebrations because we know how important it is to make the right choice for these special occasions and what it represents for couples to give a gift that lasts forever to the love of their life.

SINCE 1982

History Doctor Diamond Jewelry is a diamond jewelry and e-commerce jewelry store specializing in classic and popular designs crafted in gold and Platinum. We carry a large selection of diamonds including GIA certified earth grown diamonds and IGI certified lab grown diamonds.

In 1982, we started our business as Diamonds manufacturer (Polishing Diamonds). In 1992, we established our worldwide base of operations in Montreal, Quebec, where we continue to do business to this day.

Our Philosophy Spectacular Creations that give you a distinct look

We are not here to make a single sale. We are here to make you a customer for life. If you can Imagine it. We can create it! We can design the perfect piece of jewelry for your needs. Our artistry and innovation can make dreams come true.

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